The Kitchen Sink

Have you ever dabbled in radio silence? I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty dang refreshing! The goal of blogging output is to post, post, post and insta, insta, insta, but jeez man, that’s a lot of social media time. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it and the community around me. It keeps the ideas fresh and support flowing, but sometimes a lady just needs to take a step back. So as I take a step back in, I will step down from this soap box and get to the goods.

Um. We don’t have a kitchen. Legit. Walls down, studs exposed, flooring ripped up, kitchen bye. In a great twist of luck we happened to mention our kitchen demo aspirations to our previous landlord who has mucho experience in renovations. He gave us the push we needed to get the party started and a plan to tackle it, thanks Captain Jim!

It took us about two weeks of after work/weekend demo time to get to its current state. It wasn’t just the two of us either, we had some awesome help from Linc’s parents and brother. Thanks guys! Helping out in a lath and plaster demo project is the ultimate sacrifice, well it’s up there.

The ghost of kitchen’s past (please forgive iphone photos) :

We made some difficult decisions about the layout of the new space. The window seat at the bay window..gone. The cute arched wall separating the dining nook from the kitchen, also gone. And…the built-in bookshelf in the living room, so gone. The built-in was the toughest decision, I mean, it is (*was) so friggin cute and charming. We actually tried super hard to preserve it, but in the end it went against our goal for having a big open space flowing from the living room to the kitchen. No regerts.


Refer to this post to see what we are conjuring up for the space as far as aesthetic goes.

The biggest struggle we’ve had so far is figuring out how to transition the cove ceiling in the living room to the kitchen. You’ll see what we came up with next time.

What’s next?

  • Update Electricity
  • Replace Windows
  • Insulation
  • Drywall
  • Prime, Paint
  • Refinish Floors (fir floors discovered under yuck laminate, yippee)
  • Cabinet/Countertop Install
  • Backsplash Install
  • Appliance Install
  • Finishing Electric Work

100 Hail Mary’s for a completion date in August….of this year people. Jeez. Add 10 more for any negative thoughts!



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