Champagne Wishes and Kitchen Dreams

Emily Henderson Kitchen

If you have browsed through the “Tour” section of the blog, then you already know that we have BIG plans for our small kitchen. As newbies to this game we are reluctant to take this on as a solo project (sans contractor), but really want to so badly!

We have the layout in mind and I have gained Linc’s approval on design ideas. However, implementing them will be a challenge. We have a wall that will be coming down and electrical work to do, two BIG things we have never done. The electrical work will definitely be handled by a professional, but the wall…we are tempted. Anyway, I thought it might be nice to put the design ideas together for a substance-less vision quest 🙂 Let’s embark, shall we?

To discuss the future we must briefly visit the present for perspective. Take a look at what we are working with on the daily.

Oh ya, check out our portable dishwasher, which actually has to be moved to the center of the kitchen for the hose to reach the sink. After living without a dishwasher for a while, I accept this ridiculous setup…for now.

The wall perpendicular to the window (in photo above), is the candidate for demo. This will give us a “look through” to the living room while keeping the built-in on the living room side intact.

Note to apartment living self: Never buy a dining room table whilst temporarily renting an apartment. There is no guarantee that the home you purchase will provide a dining room or a dining nook large enough to accommodate it.

This cabinetry features a pull out cutting board, which neither of us mess with because YUCK.

Onward to the good stuff 🙂


For the cabinets, I am hoping for a variation of blue as seen in the next few photos below:



Helynn Ospina Photography



And you’ve guessed it, butcher’s block is my jam. I like the darker tones featured in the last two pictures perhaps mixed with brass or bronze hardware. Did you notice the mix and match hardware in the last photo? Linc would lose his marbs. The countertop for the “pass through” is where I’m hoping to mix it up with white/grey quartz/variation seen here:


This countertop will spill into our living room with stools for seating on the living room side. The number one deciding factor on what material we come up with for this potential slab will be cost. I’m not set on quartz or marble, but would prefer quartz although I’ve read that it can be costly too. Courtney from A Thoughtful Place explores the quartz vs marble topic here.

To open shelf or to close it up? That is the 21st century kitchen design question. My opinion is that I LOVE them, but my concern is that Riley hair will be even more present in our daily dining than it already is. The compromise is that the future open wall between the window and the living room (where the “pass through” will be) will have two open shelves to display my fabulous cupcake/cake stands, pottery and inevitable future HomeGoods purchases.

I’m hopeful for upper cabinetry with windows, but realistic that cabinets get spendy quick. Disclaimer: I think this is an Ikea sponsored kitchen, but couldn’t trace the link back to its rightful owner.

ikea kitchen

Let’s just skip over discussing the sink, it’s a farmhouse sink or nothing people. End of discussion. How wide should it be, what about depth? Should we do the splitsies sink or one big basin? I’m aware that this discussion is far from over, but farmhouse sink for sure. Any suggestions?

The backsplash is super up in the air right now. I have traveled through love affairs with patterned tile, herringbone tile, subway tile, arabesque etc. all without feeling like I’m sure of “the one.” I think it’s because I really do enjoy them all in their own way, romantic comedy ensues, am I right? Browse through the next photos to review the options, which one are you all about?

Patterned Tile by Birmingham Home & Garden


If you happen to stop by The Grit and Polish then take a look at what they have going on for lighting in their Dexter Kitchen. Digging it. 

For some reason classic white subway tile, while I enjoy it, has such a bathroom feel for me. If we went subway tile, it would be light grey. Thoughts?

Arabesque by Suburban Bees

Our current Annie Wilkes sponsored flooring will have to go, I am fairly confident we will install hardwoods. However, it is really hard for me to conclude this post without having you feast your eyes upon the greatness of Emily Henderson. Take it in folks. Enjoy. You’re welcome.

california spanish kitchen

There are tons of decisions that go into kitchen design and I’ve only brushed the surface here, but I hope you get the idea of where we are headed (hopefully). Our budget for the kitchen is to stay under $20k. We just had one contractor get back to us with a quote for $14k. Great right? No. Not at all. His quote included the labor of putting everything together, no demo, no materials. He cray. This will be our Summer 2017 project so stay tuned 🙂


What do you think about “tuxedo” style kitchens, light upper and dark lower cabinets? I am toying with the idea, but with the concern of trend vs classic. This is one of those pinterest black hole pins, I couldn’t trace it back to the rightful owner. Keep in mind we have a small kitchen with potential for maybe two sets of uppers. My concern is that it will look thrown together without the consistent upper/lower combo you see in bigger kitchens.

In other news. We just made plans to refinish our hardwood floors downstairs (we still plan on refinishing the upstairs ourselves), scheduled for later this month! There is a lot of damage, particularly in this hallway.

We were warned that they won’t be perfect with refinishing alone. That’s okay. We bought an almost 90 year old house and it’s allowed to show sometimes. Reviews and after photos to be provided in March!



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I say subway tile with the butchers block, classic and timeless. Not a big fan of the tuxedo look. Oh and be careful if you demo the wall yourself. We found randomn water pipes in ours. Can’t wait to see it unfold!

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