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The struggle is real folks. Well, in terms of an actual struggle it is pretty low on the list, but you feel me, right? I can’t speak for you, but the difficulty I find with house fixing and occasionally life in general, is the endless decision making! The reality is that we put making all of these decisions on ourselves! We have running water, a roof over our heads, food in the kitchen and a bed to sleep in. This should be the end of the post, case closed, but it’s not, so um, please keep reading 🙂

Designs and Timelines and Budgets, Oh my!

The nagging desire to make our house a home often surpasses the reality that its current state is pretty darn good! However, if you are anything like me, you know that it is easy to get worked up about the endless list of decisions that need to be made; the design, the budget, the timeline. In addition, when you are as new at this as we are, the words budget and timeline seem so concrete on paper. They should really be thought of as a super rough guideline or more appropriately, something you laugh at whilst tiny drops of tears form.

How do we overcome this? We push through! If any decision made and put into action results in an end product we are not thrilled about (assuming it is safe, functional and doesn’t look like barf) it immediately goes to the bottom of the list. Keep moving!

After Muybridge
After Muybridge by Terrance Grace

Budget, Shmudget!

To address the budget problem, we learned quickly that an exact dollar figure on a project is just not realistic for us right now. The casualty of being a novice is that mistakes are inevitable and add to more trips to the hardware store. When we find ourselves dipping dangerously near an agreed upon number, we postpone. This works out great because it gives me time to hone in my Pinterest and blog stalking obsession 🙂

Example: We planned for our downstairs hardwood floors to be refinished this week! Unfortunately we owe quite a bit more taxes than we were planning, so that project is postponed. Instead, we planned out and got to work on fixing up the yard.

Another reason to set aside budget woes, there is tremendous value in waiting! That’s right. Patience is a virtue people. As time goes by we are thankful that we are settling into the house before taking on really big projects. We are learning how our house functions, things we like/dislike, the projects that can and absolutely can NOT wait. More importantly, we are navigating what we are capable of vs. when experts are required. This bedroom renovation post really puts this concept into perspective!

How do you balance house fixing and budget planning? Suggestions welcome/needed!

Refreshingly Different
Refreshingly Different by Carrie Webster

We have already made a ton of decisions in the three months since moving into the gingerbread house. Just typing three months made me feel better, it has only been THREE months (I typed it again for therapeutic value)! The downstairs is painted and refreshed. The stairway is spruced. Light fixtures and doorknobs have been changed. Linc tackled a Closet Reno and Crown Moulding for the first time and won! Our old plumbing pipes have all been replaced with PEX (a post for a different day). Oh and we started a blog 🙂 So far so good!

Cascade Mist
Cascade Mist By Me Amelia










  • I’ve shared some art that I am hoping to purchase once spaces in our home start to feel a little more permanent. The opening photo is Blue Barn by Smile Peace Love and can be found at along with the others. I tend to gravitate towards landscape art, but have been working on opening my mind to other styles. Check out my “Art” Pinterest page for more ideas. Do you have a go to style or place to find art? Please share!
  • Bryan and Catherine @beginninginthemiddle are working on a legit classical masterpiece that I am glued to! Check out the tour of their newest project the Blonde Vic, here.


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