DIY Board and Batten

The board and batten is looking fresh to death. If you have any interest in this style I definitely recommend getting involved ASAP. For those of you with drywall in your homes (lucky jerks, I mean ducks) this project is cost effective and legitimately in the weekend project category.

Not to say us lath and plasterers couldn’t tackle this in a weekend, but we like to dilly dally, eat snacks, watch one too many seasons, I mean episodes of netflix. The usual. When reviewing our receipts we believe the materials; trim, board, batten, and chair rail, ran us about $250.

diy board and batten

There are a ton of DIY board & batten chronicles found on the interweb, like this one from Love Grows Wild or this one from DIY In Real Life. As promised in the ORC Week 2 post I’ve prepared the lath and plaster version of DIY Board & Batten or more appropriately the Karen and Linc version of Board & Batten with 3 PRETTY DANG IMPORTANT TIPS. Hopefully, this will contribute to the elusive ‘just one trip to the hardware store’ concept. The day we achieve this, there will be cake, lots of cake and it will be glorious.

Tip #1:

Measure and mark the wall for your ideal height of the tippity top of where the B & B will end on your wall.

trim removal

How This Helps: Avoid awkward run ins with window trim ex) too high, too low. Determine approximate length of batten needed (figuring in height of baseboard trim and chair rail)..

We have two windows in this room, one had trim that would awkwardly interrupt our chair rail. Anticipating this, we decided to remove the window trim and implement the height of the chair rail equal to its height for consistency.

Tip #2:

Get out your palm sander and give that B & B the once over.

diy board and batten

How This Helps: In comparison to our lath and plaster walls, the board (plywood) we purchased is super flat. However, it was not super smooth. We decided to go over it with a palm sander using 100 grit sandpaper. Ultimately, we did this for the batten as well.

Tip #3:

This one may seem like Tip #1, but pay close attention! Measure and mark the wall for the spacing of your battens.

diy board and batten

How This Helps: You can save time and energy by working around the outlets in your room. If you choose 18″ between each batten and one falls right over an outlet…that stinks. Measure them out ahead of time, if that means one wall is 18″ apart and another is 19.5″ apart, chances are it will remain undetectable from the human eye.

diy board and batten


I’m really excited for you guys to see our progress on Thursday’s ORC Week 4 post.

Spoiler Alert: Finally, there is just one paint color on all of the walls and it might just be a little scary….Please come back and check it out. Don’t forget to visit all the other crazy talented humans partaking in this event, click here. Shout out to Linda from Calling It Home for keeping the crazy alive and well, thank you!

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