Monday Short and Sweet: Full ‘Spring’ Ahead

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We are on the brink of Spring people, I can feel it…I think. We might have snowflakes left in our forecast and a few more mornings of scraping windshields, but we are moving forward. I don’t know about you, but I have resorted to bringing greenery inside to keep the hope alive. Click here or here for why you should too.

I hope this Monday I can give you some ideas for getting that Spring back in your step. What to get? Well, I’ll help you with that. And if nothing else, there will be pretty pictures to Spring your Monday ahead. (Enough with the puns already, jeez lady)

Let’s just assume you are a busy human with minimal time to tend to needy greenery. Also, for the sake of being of realistic lets keep the cost down too. Here we go!

The Green (ery) Party!

Eucalyptus: Can be found in your local grocery store. $5 can buy you about 6 stems. This fragrant greenery can last up to 30 days when left alone in a vase (filled 1/3 with water).
Indoor Eucalyptus

Baby’s Breath: Can be found in your local grocery store. Often thought of as a wedding flower, but on a simple level can appropriately add some greenery into your home.

These bad boys are as affordable as they come at $4 for a bunch, which allows you to split them up throughout your home or use for one arrangement. In a vase with water, they can last up to 10 days and no big deal if they dry out, they still look pretty good for a bit.
Baby's Breath

Air Plant: You HAD to have known this was on the list! Air plants are super cute, require zero soil and will last forever if you can remember to mist them every couple of weeks. They prefer bright sun, but are pretty adaptable.

This fun loving greenery can be found at your local nursery and possibly grocer with costs ranging between 2-5 dollies. yes dollies. (seriously, if you bring a dolly to trade for an air plant, that’s on you bro)

Air plant

Do you have a go to easy greenery suggestion? Hit up the comments and share please. My favorite indoor greenery are available for your viewing pleasure, here.


The fiddle leaf fig craze has gotten a tad out of hand. Do I love them? Yes, of course, they are magic. Is it realistic? Not for me. They take up lots of space. There are zillions of tips to keep them alive AKA they die like whoa. These suckers aren’t cheap for a potential short life span, average price running around $100. What do you think? Is it worth it?

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree



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