Mac-Ra-May I?

A little over a month ago I discovered that I love macrame! The free flowing, soft nature of it speaks to me, “Put me on your wall and admire my design” (in case you were wondering what it was saying to me).  And so the etsy search began. There are tons of designs, sizes, colors to choose from and also the price range seriously varies. Check out this macrame article for ideas or this one for how to incorporate it into your wedding!

I was super pumped to come across a macrame’er from Spokane, WA and was even more thrilled to see her beautiful macrame designs in my price range, yessss! She has several styles to choose from and was quick to respond when I requested a color change up. I selected a piece for $44.99, which was under my $50 limit). Take a look at Natasha’s Etsy Shop

Taking it one step further, I decided to create a little project for myself to continue the sprucing up efforts. I headed to Jo-Ann Fabrics and purchased this little wood block for oh maybe a few bucks. My plan was to stain it using leftover stain, screw in a hook (that we removed during the closet demo) and nail that thing into the wall.

One thing led to another and boom, I needed an old door knob to make this project complete. Just absolutely needed it! A hook would no longer cut it. Luckily, I knew the place to find one, the SODO Flea Market was rapidly approaching! I was thinking I’d like the knob to be glass, but low and behold I found this $2 charmer at one of the flea market vendors! And of course the vendor was….drum roll please (please think of the drum roll used in Christmas Vacation)…Ballard Reuse, duh. Love that place.

What actually happened is that I came across the top to this candle found at Target on Linc’s nightstand and was about to chuck it when an even better idea clicked.

Archaeology Candle, Target

I saved my Jo-Ann’s find for another adventure and used this awesome candle top! The nail gun was up and running as Linc was cruising through the closet reno and I politely asked him to take a time out to help me. It’s not for lack of trying that prevents me from using drills and nail guns, it’s my total disregard to acquire measurement perfection. Trust me, there have been several conversations about it, let’s just skip right over it for meow.

I love using hooks whenever I can. However, I feared that having a hook in between our door and closet would lead to the macrame being constantly covered up by a million (tad excessive) other items; hoodies, bags, belts, hats, dog’s leash/collar….etc, etc. This gives it a finished look that doesn’t beckon me to hang anything that can be hung on it….so far at least 🙂


Closet reno sneak peak! Looking awesome so far 🙂 We will share all the deets soon!

We ventured down to Ballard for dinner on Saturday and tried out Sen Noodle Bar, (lucky for you, The Seattle Times just happened to publish an article about it this morning) it has only been open for a week. Make sure you get the wontons if you go, they were our fav 🙂


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Lindsay Carlton

You’re so crafty! Love the door knob addition!


Macrame… hot right now. Great post…LOVE your macrame sweater!

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