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Right about now all of you marathoners, half marathoners and spartans are gearing up for another race season. You are amazing humans! I go so far as to say “get it girl” (or boy) when I see people running outside. They literally could be running around the block or to an ice cream truck. Does it matter? They are running and that’s impressive.

I have a secret (had a secret) goal of completing a (junior) triathlon in my lifetime. I thought this race season would be when I’d conquer this goal, but alas it will not be.

  • A. I don’t own a bike
  • B. I recently tried to get into swimming laps, with the end result of maxing out at 75 yards before contemplating if drowning was inevitable.
  • 3. Refer to B. as it really scared me.

I won’t be accomplishing my triathlon goal this year. However, I refuse to completely close the door, you know, the whole, “just keep swimming” mantra and all.

just keep swimming

Have you ever felt this way? Set your sights on a lofty health goal only to fall short? Because you are a human reading this, I will assume you have. When it comes to positive health changes I’m all about slow, achievable goals. It has been my experience that this reduces the outcome of setting yourself up for failure, which then leads to dropping the goal altogether. Don’t do that to yourself! Making changes, especially ones that rid you of a vice, are super hard! Cue inspirational image and intro to Eye of the Tiger.

inspirational image

If the thought of a half-marathon or running in general makes you roll your eyes so hard, then be realistic. 5k’s are a great way to get your feet wet in the world of racing. Walking is totally accepted in this realm and the feeling of community is amazing! Most of the time all ages are welcome and sometimes even dogs too. Pick a cause you care about and google whatever that is followed by “race” in a city close to you. To make your life a little easier, click here for a list.

I’m really excited to get involved with the Adventure Race for Parkinson’s in Ballard this summer. The event is late in the summer so the 2017 dates aren’t out just yet.



We saw an amazingly talented artist at Jazz Alley this past weekend, Jane Monheit. If you are a fan of Ella Fitzgerald, then you will be glad you checked her out. All this jazz got me thinking about another absolute classic. If this doesn’t take you away from your Monday for a few short minutes, then I got nothing. I mean, The Notebook, am I right?

Have you heard of this young lady, Kayla Itsines? My dear friend wants to do her workout program, which looks a tad                intimidating. Have you or someone you know tried it??? Feedback please!! I’m talking workout program only. I eat dessert. Regularly. Fact.



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Well, I don’t think I’ll be doing any marathons (unless they are dance marathons-see below), but I have started exercising over the last month. Sadly, I have not really had the stamina for a regular routine for the last 20, yes, 20 years! I decided about a month ago to look into fun exercise, yes, FUN! I found a local dance company, and I have been doing cardio dance funk, tap, and yoga (not that fun but necessary). I try to do something 6 times a week. It has been Aahmazing! I am supposed to start/try ballet this week too.… Read more »
Kam – Great post and I emphasize with the need to want to “get it girl!” After baby, I wanted to get back into the rigorous exercise pace I was used to pre-baby. However, what I discovered recently was that a more balanced, holistic approach to being healthy was really what I sought….Enter Yoga. I am not the workout nut I once was, but I just love unwinding at the end, or beginning, of every day with some cool vinyasa flowin. Food for thought to keep focused on what makes you feel happy and healthy…..Keep rockin with the posts and… Read more »
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