Monday Short and Sweet

Alright, alright, alright hellooo May 1st, yippee. We had a mini glimpse into warmth and sunshine this weekend in Arizona and are desperate for more. Did you happen to see this article in the Seattle Times about this year’s rainfall? if living it wasn’t depressing enough we have to read about it too!

Onward to brighter pastures, literally. I wanted to give you guys a quick yard update from the DIY Summer Yard post about a month back.

diy summer yard

We now have grass, which is super exciting. Well, some grass and a mix of weeds. However, we are still moss free thanks to our prep work. In a couple more weeks, the yard should be ready for its first mow…adulting has strange milestones.

Plans for the exterior facelift are in the mix. In preparation we had the house pressure washed last week by Excel Home Painting. At the last minute I requested that the fence get the once over so it can be stained. Thank goodness. Just the wash alone made a huge difference. Our house + fence took 6 hours of pressure washing and I must say, they did an amazing job. Scroll back up to really soak in the difference, love it!

I had to share this bathroom by dear lillie. Every inch of it is amazing. I’ve already put in time pleading for wallpaper in the bathroom…don’t think he is budging on that one, but I shall persist. Click here to see loads more photos of the bathroom renovation and all of her sources.


Neither of us dabbled in LOST when it was kind of a big deal. It has been our newest Netflix addiction and things are getting real weird. Time traveling? Goodness, there is no way I’d be able to follow this with a week’s wait in between each episode. Thank you Netflix.

I happened upon a ‘top’ series list available on Netflix. If you’re in the mood for a new show, take a look here.

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