Monday Short & Sweet: The Tuesday Edition

There are a few big things happening this week so let’s dive right in.

  1. Mother’s Day will be upon us soon (May 14th). Here are some links for ideas in case you are struggling over that perfect something. Chris Loves Julia | The Grit & Polish | Good Housekeeping
  2. It’s Nurses Week. In my world, that’s kind of a big deal. The nurses I work with will be getting donuts from me this week, shhh. Apparently there are all kinds of deals for nurses this week, click here to find out more.
  3. The final reveal of the One Room Challenge is this week! Wednesday for the official designers and Thursday for those of us playing along as guests. Did you catch Week 5? Click here if you missed our update.

ORC Update

We are super excited to share a couple of prints displayed in the office. Back in February I submitted a request to our local Archivist in regards to any old timey shots of our home. We were pleased when they found a 1937 photo, which they scanned in high resolution for us to print.


The Puget Sound Regional Branch serves King, Pierce and Kitsap counties and for about $15 you might be able to get a print of your home in all or close to all of its original glory. Perhaps your state/county archivist offers this service, if you are the owner of an old home and have any interest, I definitely recommend looking into it.

The other print is one I framed for Linc for a Christmas present about x4 Christmas’s ago. This print is of Seattle Fire Department’s No. 9 Company in Fremont. The location of the station remains the same, but the building is completely different these days. If you want to see the then and now difference, click here.

seattle fire department


I made a few Target purchases for the office and couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

Brass Frame 8×10 with matte for $16.99.

Crazy soft throw for $17.99.

Brass Lamps, table ($29.99) and floor ($37.99).



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