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Welcome to a new thing I’m trying out called, Monday Short and Sweet, you probably guessed that already ay? The goal of this new deal will be to give you a little brain rest from your busy day and help make your Monday short and sweet. The topics will range and recommendations are welcomed 🙂 To be completely honest, it also really helps me out because all of this house fixing is painful on the budget! I’m counting on you guys to tell me what you think! For reals.

Hopefully, some of you had some sunshine time this weekend. Did it get you thinking about summer? The time for summer trip planning is right this very minute!

“Picture it, Sicily…” -Sophia Petrillo

Take a moment to picture where you want this summer to take you, don’t just hope it falls into your lap. Use your listing and pinteresting skills to account for your summer musts and tackle that list over the next couple of weeks. Here is a look into ours 🙂

  • Banff Have you ever heard of this place? Me either, until I moved to the PNW. I can’t wait to go, we are planning to mix a little camping in with some luxury. Dog will come too since all of the National Parks in Canada allow dogs. It’s a 10 hour drive from Seattle, but since all three of us made the drive across the country we are thinking this will be a breeze 🙂
  • Olympic National Park Another camping excursion. Unfortunately, we can’t bring dog on any of the national park trails in the US (where is Leslie Knope when you need her?), but there is a list of a few (non-national) he can join us on so we will plan accordingly.
    Lake Louise
    Banff by
    Olympic National Park
    Olympic National Park Photograph by Inaki Relanzon, Nature Picture Library/Corbis

    Balancing our home renovation budget with the desire to travel is tough, but we have to find a middle ground. Exploring new places is important to both of us, if that means a project is delayed or done with a reduced budget, then so be it. On the other hand, with proper planning, exploring new places doesn’t have to break the bank either.

    Click here for a few $$ saving tips and here or here for some ideas on destinations 🙂 Where are you headed? Share in the comments (at the top of the post) to help us brainstorm!


What have you been watching lately? We are always onto the next Netflix or Amazon series and luckily ‘‘Patriot’ just made its debut on Amazon. It’s really pretty entertaining, but my absolute favorite part is the opening song, the two little boys do a dance after they get off their dirt-bikes, it’s the best!

We are in Hawaii this week for a conference!!! Follow our adventure on insta @greyorgreenseattle 🙂




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I want to go to Banff and Olympic National Park. Dreams! One day!!

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