One Room Challenge: Week 1 Makeover Roundup

one room challenge

“This is it, don’t get scared now.” -K.M. Home Alone

The One Room Challenge has arrived folks! I couldn’t be more excited. I have been stewing over the possibilities for months. We are so looking forward to having an organized office and to participate in the ORC for the first time, amateur style. Oh ya that’s right, we chose to tackle the office, yessss. If you are visiting for the first time, welcome! To learn a little bit about who we are, click here.

I apologize if I have been a little stagnant on blog posting and insta lately. There have been several side projects happening up in here, which I will share all in due time. First off, take a peak at the office in all of its glory, on a typical day (this was during the closet renovation). Even Riley faces the corner.

When we aren’t working on a project, we can tidy it up a bit (aka this is how it looked for about one day).

I’m hopeful that we will dominate this space and make it into the productive, organized, glorious office it was destined to be. Let’s set the mood with a little mood boarding and stroll through the plans and inspiration.

office roundup

I have my heart set on (1) and have been stalking our local reuse stores for a half-lite door in need of a little love. Cross your fingers for us to find it before the six weeks are up! I’d love, love, love to use this Schoolhouse Electric dazzler (2), but the budget is gently urging me to go in a different direction. There are a few candidates in the mix so I should have this sorted out very soon.

Months ago this room was refreshed with Moonshine by Ben Moore, which we are both super happy with. However, I have been feeling the need for an accent wall. Chris Loves Julia chose this beautiful wall color (3) and I am all up in arms about implementing this color or a variation. At this point I’m feeling very determined to make it work so it should turn out perfectly, right? Deciding on the chosen wall to make the accent wall or walls is hanging over my head. Linc is all, “I don’t think we need an accent wall.” So this part should go real smooth. Real. Smooth.

I think we could all get a lot of work done in this moody nid century home office:
Emily Henderson Moody Office

A look alike to (4) was found on craigslist complete with burnt orange fabric, vintage stains and all. If my perpetual indecision gene would just take a vaca I could choose a new fabric for the seat and check this project off my list. (5) has been the front runner for this space until just recently. The actual winner has arrived and is not quite what we were expecting, but it’s growing on us AND Riley dog loves it.

(6) is an Etsy print we are into. Reference the before photo to take notice of the picture frame trim. We will be utilizing this as it was intended to be and have purchased (7) in brass and antique bronze to serve as our hangers. I’m mixing metals y’all, hold on to your hats.

Greenery is life. I envision at least two lively greens to be featured in this room. I haven’t quite locked myself into the olive tree of (8), but I’m into it. I’m taking it upon myself to feature a cozy nook in this room. The chair, which may deviate from (9) will be the major purchase for the room and it has to fulfill a few musts. It must be comfortable, cozy, and have a high aversion to staining. We like to snack and I eat chocolate often, there will be no changing our lifestyle due to said chair.

Cozy corner for your office. Modern office decor. Discover more home office decor ideas: <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>
source unknown

If this place is going to be an office I suppose we should have something reminiscent of an office, enter (10). We are so in need of a filing cabinet, it’s ridiculous. We have piles of paper on our desk arranged in such a way that makes sense at one moment in time. Later, when that moment has passed and we actually need something, these piles become an explosion, of frustration. Here’s to putting an end to that, yippee! (let me enjoy my naivety)


I “encourage” Linc to proofread each of my posts. Partially so that I can remain blame free for grammatical errors and partially to make sure we are on the same team about our plans. His response after reading this was, “There will be no eating chocolate in the new chair, you always get chocolate on your pants, I bet you have chocolate on your pants right now.” He knows me so well. Lucky me, for once I did not have chocolate on my pants, phew.



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