One Room Challenge: Week #2 Batten Down The Hatches

board and batten

one room challenge

Before we purchased this house, before we even started looking at houses, we had an understanding; a given that we are into big trim. We like big trim and we can not lie. It seemed logical to tackle the office trim during the ORC to kick things off.

Rewind to about 6 days ago, standing in the trim section at Lowe’s figuring out if we were going decorative vs flat. Linc likes flat, I like decorative. Back and forth we pleaded our case. And then, Linc decides to throw a curve ball. “What about wainscoting or picture boxes? Are you sure you don’t want that for the office?” Wait. what? We had never discussed either of these things before and specifically came to Lowe’s for trim. I respond, “Dooo youuu want either of those?” His response sparked a nearly 30 minute intense debate on top of the intense decorative vs flat trim debate we were already having. Give me strength.

Fast forward to today.

We are board and battening this room! Why? Why not, it’s gonna look dope. Oh and the compromise was flat trim and decorative chair rail to top off the board and batten (note that we were unable to pull this off for $57 like YHL, in case you were wondering). The total win out of the board and batten situation is that all walls will be painted darker now. Yippee!!! If only we could decide on a paint color. Womp womp. We really like two colors and are at a stand still, but the paint deadline is this weekend.

Need a refresh on where we started? See below.

Despite Linc’s pesky day job, he has managed to get all the boards up and ready to be primed (aka my job for my day off from my pesky day job).

Since we have lath and plaster walls this project is a tad more detailed than putting up vertical pieces of trim (batten). We will share our process, cost and time spent soon!


I was totally amazed at how quickly CLJ put trim up in their ORC Nursery makeover. Check out what they are working on and join me in my amazement! Click here for the deets. For next week’s Monday Short and Sweet I will be filling you in on a few of my fav ORC makeovers. Stay tuned 🙂

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Brittany Wise

This will turn out so nice! I love the thick bottom molding! And we have those pesky day jobs, too. It’s amazing how little time there is to do stuff we enjoy 😉 Are you going to keep it like that for the rest of the house?


You guys are the bomb!! Looks incredible!

Cassie Bustamante

nice work! it’s going to look awesome! that is no easy task!


Oh I love board and batten. Looks good so far. You’re lucky to have such a handy husband. Can’t wait to see more.

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