One Room Challenge: Week #3 Office Woes

If you’re reading this, then you already know, Week #3 of the ORC has arrived! We are starting to see the room take shape and have reached the point of, are we done yet? Nope, not even close. We anticipate this week will be the biggest transformation and are really excited to push through to Week #4.

one room challenge

Have we encountered any issues? Wait a minute, the twos of us? No way, we sooooo have this under control. Guys, lies, all lies. There have been some issues for sure. A. We are human. B. Even worse we are new homeowner humans with big dreams and little experience. C. One of us may struggle with decision making while the other likes to tack on big projects in the middle of a project. Can you guess who is who?

Issue #1

The issue: The board and batten proved to be more of a challenge than we were anticipating, but we didn’t let it stop us. With rolling hardwood floors and lath and plaster walls we found the measure twice, cut once rule would not suffice.

The lesson: Measure thrice in multiple spots, cut once. And. “Is this something caulk can fix or hide” is our new motto.

Sidenote: There are so many quirky details of our old home, that we find ourselves wondering, “what were they thinking?” at least a handful of times per week. As the board and batten started to come to life, we couldn’t help but wonder if in 30+ years, heck maybe sooner, future owners of our home will curse our names for adding this feature….whoops, our bad.

Issue #2

The issue: My nemesis, paint color, has been quite the burden this week. We finally made a decision, Beau Green by Benjamin Moore. It’s not the moody green I was looking for, but it is super cheerful and in most lighting we love it. I skipped on over to Benjamin Moore to buy a quart for the walls in matte as the sample pint had quite a sheen on it. Well, the matte quart is 100% blue turquoise and that just won’t work.

Notice the difference between bottom left (pint) vs. bottom right (quart). Same color, Aura vs Regal Matte, big difference.

The lesson: Just because you tell the paint mixer that you are looking to paint your bedroom AND show them several pictures of an ideal color you are hoping for…do NOT assume they will give you the right finish or color. I take the responsibility for this one as I made too many assumptions.

Sidenote: We went back to the drawing board with the three colors we originally selected and have made another decision! Before we go to quart status with it, I will have to skip on back to Benjamin Moore for a sample of the color in matte finish before faithfully committing. Please wish me luck, I friggin need it.

Issue #3

The issue: DIY Refinishing Oak Chair…not for the faint of heart. I am on the cusp of seeking professional help (both mentally and reupholster wise). The dang studs will not go in straight. Thanks to these folks, click here, I made an awesome jig, totally thinking I was going to nail it, pun intended. The jig is up, it didn’t work and now Linc is threatening to drill pilot holes into the oak chair to get them in an orderly fashion. Eek!

The lesson: Get the tack hammer and the mallet. Using a regular hammer is a sure fire way to throw a very unattractive tantrum, which luckily only Riley witnessed.

Here are a few things coming our way in the week to come:

  1. New Light Fixture installed, hip hip hooray!
  2. Board and batten painted.
  3. Moody green paint all up on these walls.
  4. Office chair refinishing project complete.
  5. Hunt for white curtains.
  6. Hunt for picture frames for the picture frame trim (super excited about implementing this!)

Need to catch up? For Week #1, click here. For Week #2, click here.


I wanted to find the hard facts on board & batten, wainscotting, etc type wall changes in regards to being a pro or con for resale value. Unfortunately, I came up empty handed via googling. Fortunately, our awesome realtor, Brittany Heneghan-Robinett was kind to provide me with her professional input, “any upgrades and “custom work” that adds to the aesthetics is a pro, so long as it is not too far out there or unusual.” So phew. Assuming this turns out as perfectly as it looks in our dreams!

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Stacy G.

Week 3 can be “character building.” 🙂 Way to hang in there! Soon, all these troubles will be a thing of the past. Stay the course!


Love the deep colors – they look so rich. The batten looks awesome! You are doing a great job!

Julie Reinwald

I have had that problem with nailheads going into hard wood. And paint colors almost always get the best of me, too. You’re doing great, though…keep it up!!

Brittany Wise

You’re making progress, even if you don’t feel like it! I can’t wait to see your final color selections (it’s such a struggle for us too).

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