One Room Challenge

one room challenge

For a couple of months now we (mostly me) have been debating participating in this crazy thing called the one room challenge. Have you ever heard of it?

Introducing the One Room Challenge

What the heck is a one room challenge (ORC)? It’s a home design challenge involving 20 professional designers and it is awesome! The challenge occurs over a six week period with weekly updates via blog/insta each Wednesday. The challenge is hosted by Calling It Home in partnership with House Beautiful and occurs in April and November. Each designer picks a room and goes to town, totally transforming the space. Novices like us are able to join in by tagging our weekly progress on insta/blogging about it.

Take a peak at what Twelve on Main drummed up for November’s ORC (featured below).

bathroom renovation

Adults can have bunk beds too, right? Chris Loves Julia really got after the ORC and crushed it. If you are not a fan of this bedroom, then stop what you’re doing and head to the closest Emergency Department because something is seriously wrong! (Please don’t do that, the misuse of Emergency Departments is a real problem)

I love these built in bunks with stairs!

For more examples of amazing ORC transformations, click here.

We have so many unfinished spaces in our home so the world is our oyster. Six weeks is a solid amount of time and we have been planning for our home’s one and only bathroom to be fixed up this Spring, so it seems like a logical choice. Remember when we entered the CLJ makeover for our bathroom? Well, the jig is up, we didn’t win. No wonder, as the makeover called for a weekend only project. Our bathroom is a complete gut job. I’m talkin’, we do not clean this room as often as we should because it looks equally as gross whether we do or don’t. T.M.I.?

Finishing this space means showering at the gym…not so bad, right? Okay, well how about this. Finishing this space means we will put a toilet in a plumbed space, in our unfinished, completely open/spidery/cold/dark basement…to use…for six weeks (deep sigh).

So. The other option is the office. Currently, it is pretty much an open canvas. We use the “office” as our, “um, what should we do with this?” space so instead of a junk drawer, it is a junk room. I have the entire design mapped out in my brain as well as on pinterest.

Check out both of these spaces in their current state here.

Help us be reasonable, a six week bathroom gut job, can the twos of us tackle it? The electrical needs updating, the window replaced, the addition of a vent, drywall hung, new floor, and all new fixtures (including a tub). The office requires creativity and I’m actually really excited about using our picture frame trim as it was intended…to hang pictures from, duh.

What should we pick?

Option 1) Bathroom: Exciting adventure, potential for disaster or greatness, not so budget friendly (although we do have a budget in mind), potentially unable to meet the 6 week deadline, meanwhile scary loss of our only bathroom.

one room challenge

Option 2) Office: Good way to get our feet wet in the ORC, budget friendly, definitely doable in six weeks.

one room challenge


Use the comments section (located at the beginning of the post) to send us your vote and advice! Can’t wait to see what you think!


If you would like to follow along (or join in) to the incredible inspiration and creativity that goes into the one room challenge, use #oneroomchallenge on instagram beginning April 5th.

Did you catch the summer yard post? Update alert! The compost has settled after almost two weeks of rain. We are going to roll out the backyard to flatten out the terrain and seeding occurs this weekend! Riley can’t wait to roll around in his backyard again! Almost there buddy.

diy summer yard

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