Weather Stripping

I know, I know, super glam post right? Lucky for us the first winter in our new home just happens to be one of the coldest on the books. Being a Connecticut native, I can totally handle this, but dang it is drafty in this old house! It quickly became apparent that this project needed to be tackled ASAP. Our initial idea was to assess broken windows and drafty doors and figure out how to fix the situation. To get an idea of what kind of budget would provide us with new windows, we had The Home Depot come out and give us a free quote. They spent about 3 hours assessing our 17 windows and came up with a $15,000 quote. Excuse me? Yes, $15,000 to replace our windows. I’ve been told that The Home Depot tends to be on the high side, but after just moving in we weren’t prepared to dish out that kind of money, even if that was at the high end. Of course, we did our due diligence to make sure we were making a well informed decision to pass for now. We found that new windows are appealing when selling your home, but while we live here we would only barely see the return on our investment.

Weather stripping seemed to be the logical next step. After several trips to The Home Depot and Stoneway Hardware on 15th, we obtained every weather stripping material known to man (almost). These materials included door sweeps (drill needed), felt (staple gun needed), V-Flex Adhesive, and caulking cord with a cost of under $100. While I am a self proclaimed, fantastic first assist, Lincoln was the primary on this project and he recalls that he took a few hours to complete the project. We can definitely tell the difference after it was complete. However, Lincoln reports that while the project was relatively straight forward, it was obvious that this will only be a temporary fix.


It is also important to mention that we did look into spray insulation as an option. We had two companies come out, Clean Crawls and Insulation Northwest. The first company gave us a quote for about $2000 for 950sq ft worth of insulation, which was what I was expecting from research. The second company didn’t give us a quote due to their concern for our knob and tube wiring and recommended that we consult an electrician before moving forward. We also debated this as a DIY project via This Old House how to video. Lincoln reviewed this several times and with the added concern regarding our electric, he felt it was better left to the pros. We ultimately decided against proceeding this year, we might be back and will fill you in!

For the grand finale of this post, we purchased the Nest! The previous owners updated the gas furnace, thanks guys! In our quest to maximize efficiency, while working with our drafty house, we ordered this bad boy for $210. We received a $50 rebate from the Nest and will be getting a $75 rebate from Puget Sound Energy. If you don’t know about all the rebates available from PSE or your own local utility company, then I recommend you Check It Out.

Again, I was designated first assist, Lincoln has never changed out a thermostat and had this thing up and running in about 30 minutes. We love checking our daily energy usage and the ability to control the thermostat while away from our house. Do you have the Nest or another smart thermostat? What do you think? We would love to know if you have noticed a difference in your bill. Riley is on the fence about it, as shown below.


Afterthought: I still can’t get over this catch! Go Hawks 🙂

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