Part 1: The Wonderful and Confusing World of Paint

Well well well we finally arrive at how we named our blog! This is a glorious two part discussion with a beautiful story of paint mixed in (get it?).

Before the keys were ours, I already had my mind set on a variation of grey to be found inside our new home. We did the whole swatch on the wall thing and so far one out of four colors has actually turned out to be a “true color.” The problem is, I think they look so obviously grey and then it’s on the wall and hmm that looks a bit green, right? The trouble is that Lincoln, a wonderfully made human, is a tad bit color blind and happens to also be in denial about it. Makes verifying the actual color pretty tough in our house.

To kick off our painting extravaganza we targeted the fleshy pink colored living room straight away. We had a brief discussion about how to handle the already white ceiling trim with the natural baseboards/built in and decided to go all white everything. Oh yeah, and check out our Sad Lamp, it has an ion feature that makes you feel like you are near a waterfall! Perfect for one too many grey days in a row 🙂

Fleshy Pink Living Room

We used Behr’s Meteor Shower for the walls, Sherwin Williams Promar 400 Pure White Flat for the ceiling and fireplace, and Benjamin Moore Advantage Satin matched to the pure white for the trim/built ins. I was the primary taper and wall painter and Linc did the ceiling, trim and cut ins (aka most of the work). To be fair, since I met this guy, he has been boasting about how he is practically a professional painter because he use to paint houses in college. So anyway, I was privileged with my participation level and am getting a little sweaty just thinking about his critique of my taping. Fast forward two days and the living room was finished and looks dope! But wait, is that grey or green? Even more far off, is it periwinkle? No idea, but it’s 100x better than the fleshy pink and so far it is our favorite room to be in.

The Improved Living Room

In addition to the living room, most of the downstairs has now been painted with exception to the kitchen (story for a different day folks). I thought I’d be super smart this time and nail the grey look with Gray Wisp by Benjamin Moore. Seriously, not this again. Is it grey or green?

Suspenseful Before Picture

I suppose I was a little late to the party, but this is the point of this color. Fooled again. After having it on the walls for a few weeks, I love it and have finally arrived to the party. I’m also starting to wonder if both of us are color challenged. Oh hey, take a look at that sweet crown molding…stay tuned, you bet your bottom there will be a post about getting that stuff up!! Do you have a go to grey paint? Please share!

The Mysterious Gray Wisp
Super Important 2nd Angle


A little music is crucial during a long stretch of painting. For inspiration, Linc’s go to is something like this and for me, Queen Bey without a doubt.

We also tried out Larsen’s Bakery which happens to be just a few blocks away, dangerous! We have been and will be repeat customers.

This is Riley’s favorite kind of green! The beautiful green of tennis balls and grass.

Is that a squirrel?


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Kathy K

Took forever to pick a grey for our new bathroom…of course now next to our light blue bedroom it totally looks blue…love the bath so now I “might” paint the bedroom (can’t tell Gary), all depends on the lighting, love your fireplace too! (Tried to post a pic here but couldn’t)


Our bedroom is Behr Porpoise which, after 4 years of sleeping in it, I will confidently call it grey. Your bedroom however, I after 4 seconds of viewing, I confidently call that GREEN. Lovely bedroom color whether it’s potato or potAto.


When we painted out living room gray, we actually ended up with a color called “mocha”! We tried out 4 or 5 different colors on the wall and the grays definitely looked green but apparently coffee colored didn’t. Our upstairs hallway is a lighter gray, but it was actually in the whites – something “snow”. Paint is hard.

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