Part 2: The Wonderful and Confusing World of Paint cont’d

It just so happens that the color scheme of Seattle happens to be made up of grey and green. They don’t call it the Emerald City for nothing! Linc and I (along with 95% of people, presumably) prefer the outdoors a healthy green complemented by bright blue skies, but there is something soothing about the grey. I’ve noticed that the most common question I get when people find out that I’m from the Nutmeg State is “How do you like all the rain?” Well people, if it’s raining and grey from November to April, it is definitely better than wind chills of -5, blizzards, lingering brown snow AND grey from November to April. Regardless, there is something comforting about the grey to me, perhaps a reminder of my homeland. Does anyone else feel this way about grey paint?

Moving right along, the bathroom paint, Flint Smoke by Behr was intentionally on the green side. We are not sold on the color, but feel it is a huge improvement from the sky blue walls (left) and ceiling we walked into. Walls and ceiling the same exact color, I can’t. Notice the real estate photos purposely cut the shot off before the ceiling.

Staged Real Estate Photo
Bathroom After Shot!

The bathroom is expected to have a major overhaul and so for now, green it is 🙂 As it is, we had to change out the medicine cabinet ASAP as the inside was completely rusted out. We lucked out at Ballard Reuse and found a brand new twin for $20 vs half the size cheapest version at The Home Depot for $80! Love that place! Do you have a room with walls and ceiling the same color (besides white)? I’d love to be swayed, please share!

The hall and office are a wonderful color of Moonshine by Benjamin Moore. Hot dang we like this color! It provides a subtle contrast and feels very natural. More importantly, it is definitely grey! If I’m being honest, there was about 30 seconds while Linc was putting up the last coat in the office when I questioned if it was green, but it is grey through and through. Hooray! Down the road I might want to revisit the office in a darker version, but so far so good.

Office After
Moonshine Painted Hall




We spent just under $500 for wall, trim and ceiling paint for about 900 sq ft. We transitioned to using Benjamin Moore for wall paint, which we think has a nicer finish and is about $10 more a gallon than Behr depending on what grade paint you get.

ALERT! The resident professional painter wants to be sure that you all have access to his professional advice (okay maybe it’s his friend David’s) so here we go! Let’s assume you have taped the floors lining your baseboards in preparation to be painted white. To be certain that the paint doesn’t seep through the tape onto the floor, run a thin bead of caulk (Painter’s acrylic latex caulk $7) along the board and the tape before you paint. When you remove the tape, score it with a razor to get the fine lines you’ve been dreaming of. Thanks Lincoln (David), you painting wizard!

Do you have any painting tricks of your own? There is an upstairs and future basement that are awaiting color!


+ I thought I could be bold enough for the dark grey I dreamed of, but we had this swatch on the wall and I chickened out. This is Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore, perhaps we will meet outside of my dreams…one day!

+ We both had Friday off this week and decided to hit up The Fat Hen for breakfast and boy was it tasty! That hot chocolate was slammin and we’ll definitely be back for the pancetta benedict, wowzers!

Pro Painter on a Break!

+ Lastly, I’d be a fraud if I didn’t shout out the Gustavesen fam of South Windsor, CT for name advisory.

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Loving every bit of this! Chelsea Grey is a favorite! Considering for an accent wall in the nursery or the whole room! Aka your old bedroom! It’s a must have in a home!!

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