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Hold on to your hats folks, today we are taking a time out to dabble with a Valentine’s Day theme. I bet you are absolutely shocked right now. Trust me, I’m aware of how astoundingly creative I am…NOT (bring back the Borat voice here). While I am all for appearing emotionless (it’s my favorite) the truth is, they need to escape sometimes. So here we go!

We are about to embark on a day that creates a ton of varying emotions for us humans. Unfortunately, for many people these emotions are not positive. Everyday we are faced with the decision to accept the world/our life the way it is and remain positive or hide under our covers solemnly swearing to reject the light of day. Don’t hide under the covers! Get up! You have so much to offer the world (unless you have the flu, seriously stay under the covers if you have the flu)!!

Instead of dwelling on all the “have nots” in your life or letting negative thoughts creep into your mind, spend this weekend planning on doing something nice for someone else! That’s right. Don’t focus on what someone else will do for you this Valentine’s Day, focus on what you will do for others! This can be as small as complementing someone, holding a door for a stranger, sharing a delicious baked good (please let it be with me), using your polite driving skills all day (my life struggle). Anything! Just spread the love 🙂

Need an idea? Check this out! Or This!

Don’t expect a thank you or the world to embrace you as a hero or your one true love to appear on a white horse….this is not an AOL email chain from 1995, this is life people! I know if you allow yourself to think about one person you’ve been meaning to reach out to or show kindness to, a name or face will pop into your brain. Resolve to make that your mission this Tuesday. Spread the love 🙂 If you are up to it, maybe incorporate spreading the love everyday, Tuesday is a great start though 😉


Spreading the love via photos…

Grammy meeting baby Amalie!
That’s one scary lion!
Mariners Bark in the Park!

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