Sprucing Up The Place

There are a few odds and ends that I’ve been thrilled to change in our home. Why am I so thrilled? Well, I’ll tell ya. First of all they are easy on the wallet and second of all they add so so much to the charm of our home. There is a third of all, being that Lincoln loves small projects he can do on his days off, adding to his homeowner mastering. It really works out because I also LOVE small projects Lincoln can do on his days off :). We are the team of the century folks.

I say, “jump”, he says, “nah I’ll stand on the bed.”

Upon moving in we were underwhelmed with the shabby, traditional, very female looking light fixtures that presented us at every turn. Having no idea what light fixtures cost and if we had to hire someone to change them out, we kind of ignored them. Mostly, I ignored them until I couldn’t any longer. My patience level allowed me to wait about one month before voicing my disdain to Linc. He is the swellest of guys and was totally on board for giving it a go. The bedroom light is from Bellacor.


Please ignore the crooked curtain rod, it’s temporary! The new rods just arrived and are on the list for this week ๐Ÿ™‚ Focus on the light!

Ta Da!

Despite my best efforts I can’t find the link to the hall light!! I know it is from Wayfair and it should have edison bulbs, but they would not fit so we will figure that out later!

New Light!

We have the best reuse store about a mile from our house, Ballard Reuse. I’ve mentioned them before and I will most likely mention them again. While there browsing for one thing or another, I stumbled upon drawers and drawers of antique glass knobs and backplates, which I decided needed to be implemented pronto. Excitedly, I showed them to Linc and he could not get on board with the thought of having mix and match doorknobs all up in our home. I hadn’t fully considered that, but okay, ya that might be weird (no seriously, I love the idea of mix and match doorknobs throughout the house, I think it’s awesome).



Anyway, onward to Rejuvenation browsing. Dang they have beautiful items, but dang they are so costly! Onward to Amazon! These bad boys are budget friendly and work like a charm. It took a little finagling to get them in place because our doors are old and everything didn’t match up perfectly, but they look MINT. Wouldn’t you say?



Swansons Nursery, this place is a landscaper’s dream come true. I think if they started charging $2 entry people would still go, but please don’t tell them that ;). There is so much to browse at including an amazing Koi pond, with the biggest Koi I’ve ever seen and a cafe with pastries the size of your head. We purchased a new pot and plant during their recent sale. Through my instabrowsing/pinteresting I found anย idea that was perfect for our new plant purchase. I don’t think this will be the last of this type of project in our home because I LOVE it. If you don’t that’s okay ๐Ÿ™‚ Materials totaled under $30. What do you think?


We entered Chris Loves Juliaย makeover contest to help us with our bathroom! Which is funny because just last week I posted their bathroom remodel on insta for inspiration. We are so hopeful to have professional guidance to give us the momentum and know how we need to tackle the bigger projects in our house without being dependent on a contractor. There is a possibility that what we need in there is bigger than they are willing to take on, but we are staying positive so stay tuned!


Last weekend we ventured to Phoenix to visit family and sneak in some warmth and sunshine. The skies were angry and it was unseasonably chilly and rainy, but we had a fantastic time! We visited the aquarium, butterfly garden, and even attempted the mirror maze, which we wanted out of pretty quickly after entering, nausea ensued. It also gave us a chance to scope out Scottsdale and the skies cleared just enough to sneak in a hike ๐Ÿ™‚ My MIL has that AZ style down!

Designs by Sharon Hauge



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Abe Lawgbooke

Where’s the man cave go? We need a place to put the keggerator.


You guys are turning out some quality work. Despite the fact, you haven’t asked your brother (a licensed construction expert) a single question. I will be around if the projects end up being harder than your heads! Keep up the good work.


How tricky was switching the light structure? Do you think most people can do it themselves?


I love how you have the plant hanging on the wall! What a fun project.

Also really jealous you got to experience some warm weather, it’s been so chilly lately whew.

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