The Trouble with Rugs

Let me start by saying, picking out a rug is absolutely ridiculous. Not only are there a zillion options, but jeez they can be spendy! To make it even worse there are apparently “rules” to making a rug purchase. Personally, I’m not very big on rules. I like to think of them as suggestions of which I will most likely ignore. In this case I’m specifically referring to rules that do not pose a threat to others or my own safety (just to be super clear, I’m not a monster!!!). Now let’s get back on track.

I have spent the last few months pondering what style of rug resonates within my being. Am I smooth enough to pull off a Turkish/Persian rug? Will I give in to the rug trends that are thrown my way on the daily via insta? Will guests come over my house and just totally lose it because of my rug choices? The answers to the first two questions are maybe and the answer to the last question is 100% no. If the day comes that someone does lose it over my rug choices, positive or negative, they will kindly be asked to leave and I will let you know immediately.

I didn’t realize I would someday face a rug predicament until I began searching for a rug runner. This runner would be placed beyond the front entrance of our home, marking the first impression of those crossing the threshold. This is the dramatic type nonsense that I convinced myself of while searching for this monumental runner. Holy moly, I’m fairly certain my eyes were on the cusp of bleeding for the amount of scrolling I spent on this. I researched rug suggestions via blogs and have literally seen every rug wayfair, overstock, rugs direct, west elm, world market and rejuvenation has to offer.

Alas, I came to my senses. I took a deep breath and assessed the situation. Here is the break down of some non-rules I used:

  • Arrive at appropriate/realistic size (no more pretending a smaller size runner with a style that resonated within my soul, would work)
  • Type of material able to survive: front door traffic along with Riley paws, repeated vacuuming and my endless breaking of my own rule, no shoes in the house. (I mean we have a big dog, the jig is up, our house is marginally clean at best and the floors, forget it.)
  • Does the price tag + possible destruction of the rug = possibly going bananas? (if the answer is yes….keep looking)
  • Can the room handle more patterns or would a neutral play better?

Okay so bing, bang, boom. At least 10 ft long and 2-3ft wide, under $200, sturdy, neutral runner. Thank you Rugs Direct for pulling me out of my runner slump, I found this gem and pulled the trigger.

Coming from a two bedroom, mostly carpeted apartment, we have our work cut out for us in the rug buying department. I’m so glad that I have come to my senses and hope that I will use this experience in the future as we have several bare floors needing rug attention. If you have any tips or leads on a solid, well-priced rug that you have purchased or are thinking about purchasing, please share!

Dog Tested, Owner Approved


  1. While I generally avoid rule following, I appreciate that Young House Love is trying to look out for the inexperienced/frightened rug purchaser. They have a rug buying guide if you are interested.
  2. We just finished American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson on Netflix and whoa what a great series. Have you seen it? What did you think?


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Diggin the rug and I like the rules you followed. Also, love Riley Dog.
Thanks for the Netflix info, all we watch are reruns of Seinfeld…sigh. Not my first option, all Robs.

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