Welcome to the Gingerbread House Tour 🙂 Most of these photos are sponsored by the magicians of real estate trickery! The paint looks fresh, smooth and clean. The hardwoods appear shiny and new. Don’t you fall for it! They even have our front yard looking lush with grass! In reality the grass is spotty with dirt lurking at every step, contributing to our very own beast with the four dirty paws (all up in our house).

We have begun our renovation adventure and will be on our way to the big stuff come Spring/Summer 2017 with demo and construction (hooray!!! for real, I can’t wait). “Demo day!!!!!!!!!!!” – Chip Gaines (pretty sure he owns that phrase, right?)

Gingerbread House

The yellow exterior is quite shabby and cracked. Our plans are to switch up the colors with grey/white combo and a surprise fun color for a new front door :). I’m in debate mode on shutters vs flower boxes, we’ll see! Of course the yard needs a little sprucing up and I’m already dreaming of hydrangeas! Channeling Cape Cod in the PNW.

Staged Living Room

Oh fleshy pink living room, how I do NOT miss thee. I must admit they did a pretty good job staging this room and this photo makes the fleshy pink look manageable and the ceiling look white. Please do not be fooled, neither were true about this room. I was really set on keeping the natural trim and built-in just the way it was intended to be. Lincoln pointed out that the ceiling trim was throwing things off being “white.” Ultimately, I agreed and we updated it all in white. Life is full of tough decisions ;). Take a looksy at where we are at with this room by clicking here. The biggest change to this room is yet to occur…HINT a wall as you see it here, will undergo a major reno!


Now, don’t you forget for one little second the entrance shot to those painted brown stairs. Good riddance! The stairs, man was that a challenge! You can check out the transformation, here.

Sky Blue Bathroom

This is the only bathroom for our house…for now. We’ve already updated the paint in the bathroom, but that too will be temporary. The tub is warped and will have to be replaced (fingers crossed for no water damage). We looked into saving costs by just getting a liner, but the tub expert agreed that due to its current shape we would be lucky to be water damage free! EEK! Luckily, Linc and I both feel the same way when it comes to cutting corners for home reno so we will do it right and not leave someone else to clean up the mess. The entire bathroom will be wiped of its current fixtures. The list includes updated window, toilet, vanity, mirror, lighting, flooring and door! Oh boy.

Staged Bedroom Angle 1

The master bedroom is coming along nicely! The yellow paint and off-white (let’s face it super old white) ceiling paint are no longer. There was trim that created an awkward space between the wall and ceiling that was aesthetically unpleasing. Even worse, I went to bed wondering what creatures were living in that space. We now have crown molding, an amazing new light fixture, and a custom closet made by Linc. Take a look at the bedroom in its current state here and the business of closet renovation here.

Bedroom Angle 2

The master bedroom has two entrances and after trying to work the room around keeping both usable, we have given up. The green door featured here is the one on the outs. Behind that door is a funky feature where there is a step down and step up to the dining/kitchen area and I just can’t deal with it. The plan is for there to only be one functional door and remove/drywall this green door nonsense. The step up/down fall/trip/toe stubbing hazard also will be dealt with at some point.


We have designated this space as the office. Clearly, it is functioning as our work space, which is kind of like an office, but less so. The room has now been painted and we have become a little bit more tidy on how we keep it. However, it still has potential to spiral out of control while we are working on projects. We are only human! I have the style picked out on my office pinterest board. Check It Out!

Quirky Kitchen

Behind the real estate camera man/woman is a cozy little dining nook with a bay window. The flooring will be updated in there as well as fresh paint, nothing major. To the right of this photo is another small set of upper/lower cabinets and of course the fridge. The staging guru’s put this large rug on the kitchen floor knowing that first time home buyers, such as ourselves wouldn’t think to look underneath it. Just a FYI it looks like Annie Wilkes was up in here with a knife, practicing on the floor. Cathy Poshusta from The Grit and Polish has renovated some amazing looking kitchens, this one from the Dexter House is a solid source of inspiration. Take A Look!


We came out here on a sunny day to assess the situation. There was a lot to assess. All of the shrubbery needs to go and the yard has a healthy roll to it, which will need to be flattened. The brick walkway is a mess and will have to be dug up. The deck or lack there of will come to life this summer with a total demo/upgrade. To be clear, that green stuff you see, pretending to be grass, is a healthy weed infestation. For now, Riley is happy to have his very own yard, but his owners are not cool with the constant mud tracking in the house. Check out our DIY summer yard progress, here.

We also have two bedrooms upstairs, which are not on our 2017 agenda. There might be some changes that occur and we will keep you posted as we go. I get nervous thinking about what Lincoln is determined to take on for the upstairs, but with a dash of excitement. It could be really awesome! There is also a decent sized unfinished basement, which has plumbing for a second bathroom. I’m hoping 2018 brings us upstairs, but logistically and financially we might tackle the basement first.

Thanks for taking the tour, check out our posts for the current state of things :).