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Thanks for visiting our blog and welcome! First things first, allow us to introduce ourselves. Karen and Lincoln Smith, first time homeowners, golden retriever enthusiast and BOLD home renovating amateurs.

We live in the lovely Seattle neighborhood of Loyal Heights, which is a short jaunt to the more well known neighborhood of Ballard (if you are new around these here parts). It has been a little over a month since we moved into a charming, gingerbread, 1931 Tudor and we have already hit the ground running. This is one of those “great bones” type of places you hear advertised to Seattle real estate buyers whose budget falls well under $1m.

We welcomed the challenge and are excited to master the art of homeowning, if there is such a thing. After the first few weeks of reviewing Yelp recommendations and developing a healthy This Old House obsession, we found a void of realistic expectations of completing a project and the costs associated on a local level. Our goal is to provide you with our process and progress including costs (as best as we can keep track), who we used (when we thought it best to go with a professional) and our DIY failures and wins. Of course with any great process comes delicious food, music, fellow blogger inspiration and one large tail of a golden retriever named, Riley. So please follow along, ask questions, make recommendations and enjoy 🙂

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